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Principles and Values

Connect Fostering will ensure that fostered children and young people, families, and social workers and other people involved in promoting the welfare of looked after children are aware of it's attitude and approach to promoting and attaining children's safety and welfare in the following ways:

Being Healthy

Connect Fostering will monitor and promote foster children's health on an ongoing basis, and keep a record of children's health checks, so that those involved with the welfare of that child can be informed of their health developments.

Staying Safe

We will ensure that all looked after children placed with our carers are kept safe from any harm by: carrying out appropriate checks on staff/carers to ensure they are suitable to work with children, ensuring that carers and their family receive safe caring training, and understand this agency's behaviour management policy, and by complying with child protection procedure.

Enjoying and Achieving

We will encourage all placed children to attend school or any other educational provision identified to meet their needs. They will be further encouraged to fulfil their educational potential by completing schoolwork within the foster home and partaking in suitable out of school activities.

We will ensure that carers are providing a stimulating and enriching home life and environment for a looked after child, which facilitates them becoming well-rounded individuals with rich and rewarding experiences.

Economic Wellbeing

Connect Fostering will ensure that all looked after children receive the necessary support, education and guidance in order to achieve economic wellbeing.

We will ensure that all looked after children leaving carer are properly prepared for independence by their carers through being taught independent living skills including budgeting and money management skills. And that looked after children receive careers advice from professionals.

Making a Contribution

Fostered children will be encouraged to pursue individual leisure interests appropriate for their age and abilities and develop friendships within their school and local community.

We will work to enable all looked after children to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and positive sense of identity required to make a positive contribution, through the support of carers who will provide appropriate role models and being given positive messages about themselves about their identity.

Connect Fostering will ensure that all its foster carers receive the training and support necessary to enable them to help looked after children achieve their maximum potential in all the areas above.